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Driving happy life :iconruieien:Ruieien 4 0 I am Ahri : League of Legends :iconruieien:Ruieien 7 2 Page8 :iconjburke2101:Jburke2101 28 11
What did I get myself into? (NaLu fanfiction)
Ohai-yo! :3 Disclaimer: I don't own FairyTail or its characters , this is fan made. ALSO IM NOT AGAINST GRAYLU OR LOLU! There all great pairings! But this is a  NALU fanfiction.
Thx for reading~
Lucy POV
“Natsu!” I screamed trying to grab his hand. “NATSU!”
I fell down to my death hearing Natsu’s screams.
I woke up panting “Oh good it was just a dream…”
 “What was dream?”
I jumped, oh it was just Natsu...WAIT NATSU!?
“NATSUUUU!” I yelled jumping out of my bed.
“Oi, Lucy keep it down I’m trying to sleep.” Natsu replied sleepily.
“Natsu why are you in MY bed?!” I asked.
“Its sooo comfortable Lucee!” He whined.
  “Fine, but just tonight, I’m too lazy to kick you.” I sighed.
 “Yay!” he cheered and instantly fell asleep.
 “Baka, h
:icononigirikittychan:OnigiriKittyChan 34 21
I Still Can't Believe It Prt.1 (NaLu)
I still can’t believe it… I still can’t believe she told him her feelings towards him… But what hurt the most was what he said after…. What he said made my whole world come crashing down.
First fan fiction so go easy on me and sorry for grammatical mistakes! Hope you enjoy it! 
Lucy POV
It’s been a week since Natsu and Lisanna have been going out. Now that they are going out Lisanna has officially joined team Natsu. Lately when we (team Natsu) take on the bad guys Lisanna always gets in my way when I attack or she attacks someone and always manages to hit one of my spirits! I can handle Lisanna but when she starts to mess with my spirits! SHIT GET SEROUIS!!
Normal POV
Team Natsu were coming back from a mission. Natsu and Lisanna were holding hands like any other couple would. Gray and Erza were talking about the mission that they would have never guessed it was the guy’s own daughter. Lucy was walking behind
:iconbinky86:Binky86 96 47
MoM 101 Pg 9 :iconzabbs:zabbs 15 14
Fighting Fairies chapter 9 FINAL CHAPTER
Natsu took a deep breath, trying to calm down enough to ask one of his friends what the hell was going on. It hadn't taken him long at all to catch up to Lucy, Happy and the others when he had run from the guild. After all, he had been plenty motivated after his little 'epiphany'. But the sight of a large group of people before his six friends had made him speed up even more. And when he saw this guy standing far too close to his Lucy and actually touching her, he had snapped.
With a little fire boost he had smashed his enflamed fist into the bastards face and sent him flying back into his buddies.
He knew though that his action had been rather impulsive and that he might need to get a little more information about the current situation.
Not that he regretted punching the guy or anything. Bastard deserved it for touching her.
When he turned around to face his friends, however, any and all pretense of calmness flew out the window.
Romeo and Happy had gained new b
:iconvampswitch:Vampswitch 22 11
The Royal Academy of Magic Ch.1
Lucy's P.O.V
I felt myself constantly spacing out as Mr Capricorn, the science teacher, talked about microbes. I could see Erza sitting next to me, diligently taking notes. I sighed and took a mental note to steal borrow them off her later. The bell rang; the boring lesson was finally over. Jellal approached Erza and I from behind, casually slinging his arm around an already blushing Erza. "So, you guys gonna join us for lunch? Well I know Erza is." He patted Erza on the head and she elbowed him in the stomach. "Yeah," I said. Recently, I had been hanging out with Lisanna so today I wanted to hang out with Erza. Jellal nodded as we left the classroom and went to his locker. Erza and I were lucky to get lockers next to each other; after all, I am 'Lucky Lucy Heartfilia'.
We got to our lockers quickly and shoved our books in. After shutting our lockers, we turned to see Natsu, Gray, Sting and Rogue heading towards the cafeteria and began run to catch up to them. Casually appearing
:iconerchu:Erchu 7 8
Fairy Tail Seven Minutes in Heaven Intro
        “Man, what the heck's up with everybody. I'm starting to hate even coming here for missions. Everyone's always drunk now.” Lucy stepped over one of the inebriated club members and tried to make her way to the bulletin board without stepping on anyone. “Seriously, what's everyone's problem? They need to get a grip.”
“Yeah I know, it's gotten pretty bad lately.” Natsu wrinkled his nose at the strong smell of alcohol that filled the air. “I guess this is just what  happens when people get bored.”
“Bored huh? I think I have an idea, just you wait, this is going to be awesome.” Chuckling mischievously, happy flew to the tallest place in the guild. “Hey. Listen up you drunks. I, Happy, have an idea that's gonna knock your socks off.”
“H-Happy, what are you doing up there?” Immediately worried for Happy's safety, Natsu plead for him to get down. “Get down before you get in trouble or hurt yoursel
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 260 4
Emotionless. (Lucy x Laxus Fairy Tail FanFic) Ch 1
By Gabby. 
All fights go to Hiro Mashima 

Lucy POV 
Chapter one.

I made a promise, to myself that I would stop showing my emotions. It all started from a heart break, betrayal, from my best friends, my family; after all they were supposed to be my nakama. It's been three weeks since that incident; the day I made the promise to myself. I no longer want to be broken on the inside.
Why is the world against me from being able to find happiness?
Flashback- three weeks ago.
I was sitting at the bar, drinking my strawberry milkshake Mira-Jane had made me. Her milkshakes are the best, ever made. As, I drank it, I noticed Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lisanna walking up to me.
Wow, they're actually trying to talk to me, ever since they ignored me for a few months. Maybe they're asking me to go on a job with them! Yay!
"Lucy, we decided to add her to the team." Natsu said, as Lisanna clinged onto him, giving a dirty glare, smirking.
:icongabbyrapesunicorns69:Gabbyrapesunicorns69 28 4
136. Together again :iconredshootingstar:RedShootingStar 210 61 Marshall Lee's Diary Entry: Chapter 2 :iconravenblood1011:RavenBlood1011 481 201
Lucid, Ch. 1 --a Chamiko fic--
((Alright, so I know you guys are used to my Naruto fics, but I did a bad thing . . . I read a Chase/Kimiko fic (hint: the 1st time I read a NejiSaku the seed was planted& blossomed into all 3 of my currently running NejiSaku fics).  So . . . here we are.  Standard content warning applies: violence, lime& lemon in future chapters, may contain harsh language.))
Disclaimer:  Xiaolin Showdown and all associated characters& themes are the creation of Christy Hui.
Chapter One:
That Look
She shouldn't have looked at him like that.  Back inside the walls of the Xiaolin temple Kimiko silently berated herself for not being able to keep her eyes from wandering.  Pacing back and forth in her spartan quarters- she'd had to beg Master Fung to allow her a room separate from the boys some time last year due to, as she'd put it delicately, her unique feminine problems- her small fists clenched and unclenched as she turned the moment over in her mind.
'Xiaolin Showdown, or at least the ass-end of one .
:iconfreya-ishtar:Freya-Ishtar 60 14
Fighting Fairies chapter 5
Chapter 5
The scenery flew by as Lucy looked out the train's window of their little compartment. Across from her sat Romeo and Wendy, fast asleep. She had to smile though, as she saw the position the two were in. Wendy's head rested on Romeo's shoulder, with his on top of hers. Those two really were too cute!
She regretted not bringing a camera. If she could show a picture of their current position to Mirajane, the take-over mage would happily and enthusiastically pour all her effort and energy into nurturing their growing relationship. And then she wouldn't have any time to meddle in Lucy's love life!
The blonde suppressed a giggle, not wanting to wake up Happy, who had made himself comfortable in her lap to sleep. Beside her sat Lily and Charle, napping as well.
The last eight days had been exhausting. Their first mission in Pollus had surprisingly turned out to be the easiest, despite them having had to fight that huge kraken monster.
In Auria they had needed to find and apprehend a
:iconvampswitch:Vampswitch 14 1
Kakuchuu - Doujinshi - Chap 4 - Page 36 :iconjenineji:JeniNeji 71 32 129. Small lies :iconredshootingstar:RedShootingStar 144 42





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